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This article does not cover topics on sharing files or folders in OneDrive for Business.

Storage of University Documents

If you have files containing regulated or sensitive personal information, the most appropriate places to save such files are in your departmental folders (V: drive) in your divisional file space or in your home folder (U: drive).  Please see this chart for storage requirements covering various protected data types.

Metadata (hidden attributes) is added to files that are stored in OneDrive for Business to support advanced document management scenarios and features that are available with the service.  While the content of your files is not changed nor is the "last modified date", be aware that the file checksum does change.  This may be of concern to some researchers with some data files.

How you use the OneDrive for Business space can vary depending on which avenue you are using to connect to OneDrive for Business.

Web Interface

Upload files to OneDrive for Business in a web browser

Moving and organizing OneDrive for Business files

File versioning in OneDrive for Business

Checking in and out files in OneDrive for Business

Restore deleted files or folders in OneDrive for Business

Request files in OneDrive - With the file request feature in OneDrive, you can choose a dropbox-type folder where others can upload files using a link that you send them. The users that you request files from cannot see what's in the folder - they can only upload files to it.

Office Online Apps in the Web Interface

Creating Office documents in OneDrive for Business

Editing Office documents in OneDrive for Business

OneDrive Sync Client for Windows

You can sync your OneDrive for Business library to your computer so that you have a copy in both places.  You can then work directly in Windows Explorer and open/save to this location directly from any application installed on your computer.  Any updates in either location will sync with the other whenever your computer is online.

Filenames for synced files should not contain special characters.

Force OneDrive for Business and Windows to sync now

Set up the OneDrive for Business client to sync someone else's library to your computer

OneDrive App for iOS

The OneDrive App for iOS allows you to view, share, and rename your files and folders for both your OneDrive for Business account as well as any personal OneDrive accounts you may have. 

Encrypting Documents for Storage in OneDrive for Business

In order to encrypt Office documents, you must use the desktop version of the Office application (Word, Excel, etc.).  The Web App versions are not capable of encrypting a document with a password or opening such documents.

Encrypt Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in Windows

Encrypt Mac Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Keep your personal files when you leave the University

Easily move your University OneDrive for Business files to your personal OneDrive

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