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  • Using Microsoft 365 Apps on University computers
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The version of Microsoft Office installed on computers in University workstations, classrooms, conference rooms, and other shared spaces is being upgraded to Microsoft 365 Apps before the Fall 2021 semester.

Before you can use any M365 application (like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) you must sign in with your UAlbany credentials to activate M365 for that computer. 

In order to sign in to activate M365 Apps, you will need to complete 2-Step Login with Duo. So it is important to bring the device that receives your one-time, secret code with you to classrooms and conference rooms in order to use Microsoft 365 apps. 

If you are unable to complete 2-Step Login on a computer where you have not yet activated M365, you will still be able to use Microsoft 365 apps (like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel), but they will function in Reduced Functionality Mode.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.