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  • Use AirMedia Wireless Presentation
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  1. On the Control Panel of the classroom lectern, select AirMedia as the source. 
    A similar image as below will be displayed.

  2. Open a web browser on the device you wish to share, and enter the AirMedia device’s IP address or host name into the address bar.

  3. If prompted, choose the Download link compatible to your device.

  4. Launch the the application when it has downloaded.

  5. Enter the code displayed on the Welcome Screen shown in step #1 and click Connect.

    Your device image will be presented on the classroom display screen.

  6. Control the presentation using the following controls.

  • Dock  Dock the presentation. When docked, the computer no longer shares its screen but remains connected to the AM‑200/AM‑300.
  • Pause  Start or freeze the computer's screen.
  • Control the volume output of the display.
  • Disconnect  End connection between the computer and the AM‑200/AM‑300.
  • Use the Screen sharing drop-down menu to select the connected screen to present.
  • Click Session control to open the Session menu, which lists each presenter along with corresponding presentation controls. Up to 10 presenters can be connected at a time. Use the back arrow to return to the presentation controls for the computer.

Additional Information

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.