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  • Upgrade Office on Windows 10 to Microsoft 365 Apps
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If your computer is supported by ITS, you can install M365 by following the directions on this page.  

For computers managed by other Technology Coordinators, contact your Technology Coordinator for more information.

If your Windows computer does not yet have Microsoft 365 Apps installed, you can install it yourself from Software Center while on campus, or from off campus while your computer is signed into the University's VPN

Note: If you already have Office installed, this process will automatically uninstall Office for you during the installation.

Before upgrading to Microsoft 365, please note:

  • It may take anywhere between 20-60 minutes to complete the upgrade.
  • All applications on your computer must be closed before starting the upgrade and remain closed during the upgrade process.

  • Your computer will be required to restart after the upgrade has been completed.

  • If installed, Microsoft Visio and Power BI will be removed, as they are older Office products. They can be re-installed via the Software Center after the upgrade has been completed.
  • Microsoft 365 is updated regularly, so new features and changes to the interface will happen from time to time. For a full list changes please click here.

  1. If you are off campus, first make sure your computer is signed into the University's VPN.
  2. Save all of your work and close all Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.).
  3. Select the Start button:
  4. Begin typing "Software Center" and then click on the app when it appears:
  5. Once Software Center opens, click on the Applications:
  6. If you don’t see the M365 Apps for Enterprise - Monthly Enterprise selection, you may have to select Updates:

  7. Windows 10 and Office updates may need to be applied before you can see and install the M365 Apps for Enterprise - Monthly Enterprise selection. Click on Install All.  After the updates have been installed, you will be asked to restart your system. Make sure that you save all your work before you click on the RESTART button:
  8. After restarting your system, run Software Center again as in steps 3 and 4, and check under Applications for the M365 Apps for Enterprise - Monthly Enterprise installer. It may take some time for the Software Center to update your Application install list.  Click on M365 Apps for Enterprise - Monthly Enterprise:
  9. Click on the Install button:
  10. Office will install:

  11. Once Office is installed, you will see this screen:
  12. Successful installation will also be indicated by the status in Software Center changing to Installed:
  13. You may be asked to restart your computer if additional Windows and Office updates were applied during the install.  If you choose to restart, a confirmation screen will appear. Make sure that you save all work before you press the RESTART button:
  14. Before you can use any M365 applications you must sign in with your UAlbany credentials and Activate Microsoft 365 Apps.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.