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ITS is preparing another upgrade to the Forms functionality in the Wikis @ UAlbany service. All wiki forms will need to be updated prior to the upgrade on MONDAY, JANUARY 7 in order to ensure no data is lost. Please review each of your forms following the steps in this article.

Table of Contents

Things To Address Prior To Upgrade

In order to prepare for the upcoming upgrade to the wiki forms, please follow the steps below.  Doing so will help ensure that your forms will not lose any content during the upgrade.

  1. Move all form field labels from inline on the page to within the macros as per this article:  
  2. Ensure that every field has a label in the macro. Fill in a label for any field missing one. 
  3. All labels defined using the Mail Label macro need to be updated to be defined using the label parameter inside of the corresponding field macro - and then remove the usage of Mail Label.
  4. Remove any "disabled" parameters from input macros as they will become enabled after upgrade.  "Disabled" parameters are not supported in the new version.  Move any to hidden parameters as needed.
  5. Update any velocity values by removing ! character.  e.g. The value should be $user.fullName instead of $!user.fullName.

  6. Remove any tables from within the Mail form macro.  Forms can be organized after the upgrade with tables, but they will get corrupted during the upgrade if tables exist at that time. 

  7. Migrate any hidden Mail input "subject" fields to the Mail form macro "Subject" parameter instead. 

  8. Make sure every hidden field has a VALUE filled in. 

  9. Copy any Velocity Values to the macro's Value field: 

  10. Ensure no fields share the same Name attribute in a form. 

  11. Remove any empty "Spacer" hidden macros with no values.  If you need to format the output of the form, use the "Mail body formatter" macro to format output instead. 

  12. Move all inline text in Form macro that is not inside another macro inside a macro, like Tip/Info, or else move it outside of the Form macro.  

     Click to expand for details...

     For example, if you have this text in your form, but not inside a macro:

    Edit the page and find that inline text:

    You could add it to the Warning macro:

    Which would result in this:

Things To Address After Upgrade

  1. Review each form and test to confirm functionality and formatting.   
  2. Update any forms that could use new functionality - New Wiki Forms Functionality (January 2019). 

Provide Temporary Alternative Means of Contact

If you wish to provide a means for people to submit information to you while your form may not be functional, you can follow the steps below to add a note to the top of the wiki page where your form is located.

  1. Edit the page where your form is located.  
  2. With your cursor above any content on the page (outside the Mail form macro), click the + sign at the top and choose Other macros.
  3. Type warning in the search bar at the top of the Select macro window.  Click Warning from the results below.
  4. Click Insert:

  5. Type a message for users of your form and provide an alternate means of contacting you (an email address or link to another method).
  6. A message like this will be added to the top of your page:


Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.