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  • Updating Windows 10 to version 21H2
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This process could take several hours to fully complete. Your computer may restart multiple times.

If updating Windows on a notebook computer, please make sure to keep both the power and network cable plugged in.

ITS recommends initiating the process at the end of the business day. Leaving a machine on lets the system migrate overnight, minimizing customer downtime.

  1. Click the Window button on the bottom-left of the screen

  2. Start typing in Software Center and left click on the App when it appears.

  3. Once Software Center opens, click on the Operating Systems tab.

  4. Left-click on Windows 10 21H2 Update.  If you do not see the update listed, you probably already have it installed.  Follow these directions to check what version of Windows is installed. 

  5. Click the Install button on the following screen

  6. Once again, click the Install button on the next window.

  7. The Windows 10 21H2 update will begin. Please make sure to leave your computer powered on to ensure the update completed.