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Blackboard server maintenance is scheduled approximately once every month on a Saturday from 6am - 1pm.  Blackboard may not be available during this maintenance period.  Check the ITS Systems Status and Scheduled Maintenance page for the outage dates.   When MyUAlbany is under maintenance and Blackboard is not, access your Blackboard class using the direct URL:

Issues that can affect access to Blackboard and Blackboard courses:

Confirm you are enrolled in the Blackboard course you want to access.
  • Log in to MyUAlbany and confirm that you are enrolled in the course.
  • Contact the instructor to confirm that Blackboard is being used for his or her course. 
  • Review information about Blackboard enrollment.
If you recently enrolled, it can take up to four hours for your enrollment to process and provide you with access to Blackboard.
  • Enrollment in courses is completed through MyUAlbany.  After you successfully complete the enrollment process, the registration system must synchronize with the Blackboard system.  This process can take up to four hours to complete.

    NOTE:  New students enrolling in University classes for the first time on a Friday or during the weekend will be able to access Blackboard and the student tutorial after the four hour synchronization process has completed.  Access to a Blackboard course will be available after 10am the following Monday, if the instructor has made the class available to students.
The Blackboard course is not currently available to students.
  • Your instructor needs to make the course available to you.  Typically, Blackboard courses are usually available to students approximately two weeks prior to first day of class - referred to as the go-live date.  If you are not able to access a course in which you are enrolled and it's after the go-live date, contact the instructor to find out when the course will be made available to students.
You may be using an invalid bookmark to find your Blackboard course.
Enter your NetID and Password to log in to Blackboard.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.  Confirm you are entering the information correctly.   If you forgot your password or NetID, complete the Password Set/Reset process.
Use a compatible browser to access Blackboard
  • Read the Check Browser article for more information.
  • Most issues students experience with the log in process or functions within their Blackboard course are caused by their browser or internet connection.  You should periodically perform browser maintenance to clear cache and cookies from the browser, and ensure you are using a browser and operating system compatible with Blackboard. If you experience an issue while attempting to submit assignment or participating in an activity in a Blackboard class, perform browser maintenance or try using a different browser.
The network at a work location or use of a wireless router can affect your access to Blackboard.
  • A wireless router and company networks can have security systems or firewalls that can affect the log in to Blackboard. Firewalls can also prevent access to some features within a Blackboard course. If you are at work location, contact your company's network administrator or help desk for assistance.  If you are using a wireless router at home, refer to your owner's manual for proper settings.