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If you are redirecting (a.k.a. forwarding) your UAlbany Mail to another address (like Gmail), you may sometimes receive a bounce back with errors similar to the following:

550 5.7.23 The message was rejected because of Sender
Policy Framework violation -> 550 5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due to;domain's DMARC policy

Facebook is not the only site whose messages this could affect; we have seen this happening with messages from sites like American Express and Shutterfly as well.

To stop this from happening, try one of the following options:

  1. Discontinue redirecting your email to another address and access your UAlbany Mail directly using UAlbany Mail via Outlook, Outlook Web App, or any other mail program or app you prefer.  Many email programs will let you access multiple mailboxes in one place.
  2. Change the email address you use for the third-party site (i.e. Facebook, Shutterfly) to be your non-UAlbany address instead so that their notifications are sent there directly.
  3. Change the way your messages are sent to Gmail so that those notifications are conditionally forwarded instead of redirected:
    1. Disable your unconditional redirect rule.  Follow the steps in this article, but uncheck enable forwarding in step 3.
    2. Instead, configure one inbox rule to forward (instead of redirect) the notifications and then stop processing more rules, and then
    3. Configure a second inbox rule to redirect everything else that was not caught by the first rule.