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This article only applies to customers that use Outlook on their workstation or laptop.  Customers that only use the Outlook Web App (OWA) and mobile devices are not affected.


A problem began with the UAlbany Mail upgrade in October 2013 where some mail that should not be classified as "Junk" is being moved to your Junk E-mail folder by Outlook after UAlbany Mail has correctly delivered it to your Inbox.  Fox example, you may find mail from a UAlbany LISTSERV list or from trusted external applications that the University uses delivered to your Junk E-mail folder.

For more details on spam and junk mail filtering in UAlbany Mail visit:

Automatic Spam Filtering in UAlbany Mail


Please review the contents of your Junk E-mail folder regularly. 

The workaround is to disable junk mail filtering in Outlook and let UAlbany Mail handle junk mail filtering.  UAlbany Mail is already filtering junk (unless you have disabled this in the Outlook Web App - OWA or unless the system has done so if you have more than 2000 items in your Safe Senders list).

Microsoft published a limited released of a patch for Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2013 expected in April 2014) that resolves the problem introduced in October 2013, but the update will not be broadly distributed until the next major patch rollup or service pack for Office 2010 is released.

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