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  • UAlbany Mail - Add an image to email signature in Outlook Web App
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To include an image in the email signature you use in UAlbany Mail, follow the steps below.


  1. Log in to UAlbany Mail/Office 365
  2. Upload the image to a publicly-accessible web location (e.g. OneDrive for Business's Shared with Everyone folder)
    Image illustrating the Shared with Everyone folder in OneDrive for Business

    This location is important, as it will be available to anyone receiving your emails.

  3. Open the image in a web browser
  4. Right-click the image and Copy (this may be Copy Image or something similar, depending on the browser)
  5. Go to the signature setting in Tools > Options in UAlbany Mail

    For details on adding a signature, please see UAlbany Mail - Add a Signature

  6. In the signature field, right-click and choose Paste to paste the image
  7. Save the change

    You may need to make a minor text edit to have the change recognized
  8. Navigate to Inbox and compose a new message to verify the signature contents

If the publicly-accessible image file is deleted or moved, the signature will no longer show the image and may show an error.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.