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ITS offers three mailbox types, all of which contain a calendar:

  1. Personal mailboxes - All faculty, staff and students are automatically provided a Personal mailbox.
  2. Departmental mailboxes - When Personal mailboxes do not fit a business need, a Departmental mailbox may be requested by a department.  One or more individuals are granted access to the Departmental mailbox.
  3. Room mailboxes - This type of mailbox is requested so the calendar portion can be used to manage the scheduling of a conference room, etc.  A room is simply invited to a meeting just as any person would be invited. 

ITS offers two distribution group types:

  1. Distribution Groups - These are included in the Global Address List (GAL) and offer email distribution group functionality.
  2. Office 365 Groups -  These are also included in the GAL, but in addition to the email distribution group functionality, they also offer:
    1. Group Calendar
    2. Group OneDrive for Business space (1TB)
    3. Group OneNote notebook
    4. Web interface for viewing and responding to the group's messages

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