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  • UAlbany Add-on Evaluation Process
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Key Considerations

When considering utilizing any third party tool, there are some important key considerations to keep in mind.  Key Considerations include accessibility, administrative, copyright, compatibility, cost, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), interoperability, support, and security.  For more information on these Key Considerations, please review our Key Considerations Checklist.

Governance Checklist and Evaluation Time Frame

Before installing any Add-ons/Building Blocks we must first understand and evaluate the impacts of the add-on within the existing Blackboard service configuration.  This process begins with gathering the required information on the Governance Checklist.  We will work with you to aid in understanding aspects of the the governance checklist.  To ensure the stability of the Blackboard system, we evaluate new add-ons and test updates to existing ones before being installed in UAlbany's live Blackboard environment.  The entire process can often be time consuming as it requires collaboration with the vendor and faculty requestor(s) to research and test on our Blackboard development system prior to deployment in the production system.

General Guidelines Regarding Time Frame for Submission and Deployment

Consider the following rules of thumb regarding the time required to evaluate, test, and deploy an add-on.  Please plan accordingly when submitting your request.

If you need the add-on by:

  • Fall semester - submit request by May 1
  • Winter session - submit request by July 1
  • Spring semester - submit request by September 1

  • Summer sessions - submit request by February 1

Request a new Add-on