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If you cannot connect to WiUAlbany after configuring your computer, students may visit LC-27 or an IC Tech Help location to obtain assistance from a student Tech Consultant. If you are using a University-owned laptop computer, please consult with your Technology Coordinator. If you are not comfortable making changes to the operating system or software installed on your personal computer, please consult with your vendor.

Troubleshooting connectivity issues:

  • Confirm the date, time and time zone on your computer are correct.  If they are not, correct the settings and then try to connect to UAlbanyWiFi again.
  • Confirm your network (TCP/IP or DHCP) settings to verify that the computer is set to automatically receive an IP address and other information, not that is requires manual entry.
  • Remove the settings for UAlbanyWiFi, restart the computer and then rebuild the settings again using the instructions for your operating system.
  • Check your security software and firewall settings to verify that they are not blocking wireless connections.
  • If you can connect to a wireless network at another location, check for updates to your computer's software, particularly anything related to wireless.
  • Check your computer to ensure that no third-party wireless software is controlling connections as these settings do not typically work. You should have the option to let your operating system take back control or you may need to uninstall the third-party tool.

Troubleshooting authentication failed issues:

  • Windows only: If available, manually set the login information.
    1. On the Security tab in the wireless network settings, click "Advanced Settings" in the lower left
    2. On the 802.1x tab, check "Specify authentication mode:" and select "User Authentication"
    3. Click "Save Credentials", enter your NetID and password, and click "OK" for all open windows
    4. Try to connect to UAlbanyWiFi again
  • Using a different computer that has internet access, confirm that you are able to log in to your S Drive with your NetID and password.  If successful, then try to connect to UAlbanyWiFi again.
    • If you are unable to log in to your S Drive, reset your password using the 'Password Set/Reset' link on MyUAlbany or ITS site.
  • Mac only:
    • Turn-off Airport on your computer and then turn back on, try the connection to UAlbanyWiFi again
    • You can also try switching to a different network and then back to UAlbanyWiFi; then try to connect.

Advanced troubleshooting steps


Only attempt these steps if you are familiar with the processes described as there is potential to remove the computer's access to any network.

  • Windows only:
    1. Reset network settings with the Winsock command.
    2. Open the Command Prompt with administrator access,
    3. Enter the command "netsh winsock reset" and press Enter/Return
    4. Restart your computer, then try to connect to UAlbanyWiFi again.
  • Windows only:
    • Uninstall the wireless driver, restart the computer, and rebuild the UAlbanyWiFi settings from the instructions.
      Note: Do not delete the driver files if prompted; just uninstall as the files are needed for reinstall process.
  • Mac only:
    • Uninstall Airport/WiFi, restart the computer, re-add Aiport/WiFi, and rebuild the UAlbanyWiFi settings from the instructions.