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If you are trying to use a WiFi connection on campus, but are not able to access network and internet resources, try the advice below to enable or restore your connection.

First things to try

  • Forget the saved network settings and try again (Be sure to follow instructions from Getting Connected - UAlbany WiFi)
  • Turn off WiFi and try again
  • Restart the device and try again
  • Try another network for comparison, then try again
  • (Windows only) Run the automatic connection troubleshooter by right-clicking the networking icon in the notification area and clicking Troubleshoot Problems

Troubleshooting and information collection

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, you can take the following steps to check specific issues and collect details. ITS Service Desk staff can help with these steps.

  1. Is a wireless signal detected? (e.g. eduroam, UAGuest, UAlbanyWiFi)
    1. If no, check that WiFi is enabled via a switch, hotkey toggle, in Network Connections, in Device Manager.
    2. Are other people/devices in the area affected?

  2. Are the proper settings are in place?
    1. Forget saved settings, then reconnect to re-enter them. (Be sure to follow instructions from Getting Connected - UAlbany WiFi)

  3. Can your other wireless devices connect at the same time on UAlbanyWiFi (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop)?

  4. Can the device connect successfully at another location, such as a library on campus?
    1. Document date/time of the successful session.

  5. Is the WiFi antenna in the device working?
    1. Test this by connecting to UAGuest network or testing off-campus.

  6. Are the NetID and password/account working?
    1. Confirm NetID and password work for other services, like MyUAlbany and Blackboard
    2. If not, Reset password and try the connection again.
  7. Is wireless device dual-band? (i.e. 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Search the web based on the model number.)
    1. Check the model in Device Manager (Windows) or System Info (Mac).
    2. If 2.4GHz only, recommend purchasing a dual-band USB adapter.

  8. Try resetting Windows network settings using the Windows Network Reset tool

  9. Are there any related security issues or access restrictions associated with NetID or device? (ITS staff only: Check ticket history.)

  10. If the above do not allow a successful connection, record details, and submit a report via the ITS Service Desk.
    1. User and device:
      1. NetID
      2. Network name(s) intended
      3. Current IP address, if assigned
      4. WiFi MAC address
      5. Device operating system with version
      6. Device brand and model
      7. Device serial number or service tag
      8. WiFi card brand and model
    2. Location:
      1. Building/floor/room #
      2. Failure date/time
      3. When did the device last connect successfully to UAlbanyWiFi wireless network, if ever?
      4. Can the device successfully use wireless in another location on campus? If so, where?
      5. Are there any known issues with the location? (Lecture Center and other select locations may have 2.4GHz band disabled, structural blocks, RF signals emitted (i.e. 3rd floor Physics lab), nearby kitchen/microwaves)

Advanced troubleshooting steps

We have some advanced troubleshooting steps to attempt, but typically do not suggest these without support.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.