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  • Troubleshooting Printer Issues
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General first things to try if printing does not work

  1. Confirm that the correct printer is selected
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the network cable for the printer at each end to be sure it is firmly connected
  3. Restart the printer and try again
  4. Restart your computer and try again
  5. Try another document or another kind of document
  6. Try printing from another computer
  7. Try printing to another printer

Guided testing and information collection

  1. If there is a specific error message and the above steps did not help, search based on that.

  2. Initial questions to start collecting information about incident:
    • When did the issue begin (date/time)?
    • What are the make and model of the printer?
    • Where is the printer located?
  3. Has there been a move of or known recent change to the printer?
    Re-check connections if moved.

  4. Is it directly wired to the computer?
    If so, uninstall the printer, disconnect the cable, restart the computer, and then reconnect the cable to recreate the connection

  5. Can other people/devices in the area affected print to this printer?
    • If yes, remove the printer and connect to it again
    • If not, check its network setup and the network cable connection at each end
      If that doesn't help, confirm that printer is registered in NetReg for this location
      • If just registered now, wait a few minutes and reboot the computer
      • If registered, but for different building, or if not registered, register for current location
  6. Can this computer print to other printers in the area?

Specific errors and issues

Print job not responding or taking a long time

  • Documents that are very large or contain high-resolution images may take exceptionally long to print. Reducing the quality in the source file (or a copy to preserve the original) can speed this up.

Printer is making noises

  • If the toner cartridge was recently replaced, pull out the cartridge and verify all the tape was removed from it, then re-install it
  • Slide out the paper trays and then slide them back into place firmly
  • If the problem persists a, technician will have to check to determine what needs to be repaired

Streaks on paper or paper is dirty

  • Take out the toner cartridge and give it a shake, then reinstall it
  • Install a new toner cartridge
  • If the problem persists, a technician will have to check to determine what needs to be cleaned

Paper Jam

  • Try restarting the printer
  • Remove the toner cartridge and paper trays and attempt to remove the jam. Make sure that you pull in the direction the paper travels. You may have to pull hard, but the paper should come out in one piece if you have a firm grasp on it.