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  • Ten Things in Blackboard you may not be aware of
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For instructors who want to see some features of Blackboard that they may not be aware of.


Face-to-face, hands-on workshop, webinar


This workshop will cover the following features in Blackboard:

  • How to Add a Test Student (view your course as a sample student)
  • How to Enroll Users (instructors can enroll students, TA's, and other instructors)
  • How to Add Mashups (embed youtube videos) in Announcements, Course Content, etc.
  • How to Add Your Avatar (picture) which can be displayed in Blogs and Discussions
  • How to Add a Banner on the Course Entry Page
  • Date Management (date adjustment options which can be useful when copying your course from semester to semester)
  • Retention Center (monitor student progress - those who have missed deadlines, scored low on a test, and not logged in to your course in awhile)
  • Course Reports (monitor student activity within a course)
  • Bulk Delete
  • Export/Archive Course

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