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Smartsheet is an application often used for project management and collaboration.  It is used to create, manage, and share projects, assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work.


  • Project Management with automated workflows and dashboards
  • Shared sheets and workspaces - Invite an unlimited number of free users to view and edit your sheets and securely collaborate with your team – or publish them to the web. 
  • Templates - Pre-built sheets allow you to address specific business needs and get started quickly.
  • Alerts and Reminders: Receive immediate or daily notification when changes are made and important dates approach.

Who Needs to Purchase a Smartsheet License?

Anyone who needs to create and modify a Smartsheet needs a paid Smartsheet user license.  A department can be recharged $445 for a paid license annually.  

To view or update rows in an existing Smartsheet, a free unlicensed user account is sufficient.  A paid license is not required for such collaborators and is appropriate for many Smartsheet users.

FeaturePaid LicenseFree User
View Sheets(tick)(tick)
Update Rows(tick)(tick)

Create new Sheets, Reports, Dashboards, Forms


Modify Sheet structures

(Add/Move/Delete/Format Columns)

Manage Sheet resources(tick)(error)

When sharing a sheet with a colleague to collaborate, be sure to use the person's email address to ensure a smooth login experience.


Eligibility: UAlbany Faculty and Staff


  • No cost to collaborate
  • $445 per annual license, charged to Department

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