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Smart and Technology Classroom FAQs

How do I request a Smart Classroom?

All classrooms with technology can be requested through the Registrar's office. Please contact their office at 442-5540.

How do I get in contact with classroom technology support?

For the Main campus you can call us at 518-442-3647, email us at or stop by LC-27.

For the Downtown campus you can call us at 518-442-5112, email us at or stop by HS-002.

During what hours can I receive classroom support from an ITS staff member?

Our hours on the Main campus are 7:30am-7:30pm, and 8:00am-8:00pm on the Downtown campus.

Who should I contact if I have a question or would like to report an issue about the general environment of the room?

For all non tech related questions and requests, please contact facilities management at 518-442-3480.

Are there tutorials or workshops available to learn how to use the classrooms with technology?

One-on-one instruction is available at your request. Please contact us at or

We also have several instructional videos at

What is the difference between a Smart and Technology Classroom?

Smart classrooms are typically equipped with a PC, projection system, a DVD/VCR player, a digital document camera and are controlled by a touchpanel. There is also an input that allows you to plug a laptop into the system.

Technology classrooms typically consist of a PC and projection system and also have an input available to connect your laptop to. Document cameras are not standard in the Technology rooms on the Main campus, but can be requested by contacting Both document cameras and DVD/VCR players are not standard in the Technology rooms Downtown, but can be requested by contacting

What equipment is available for me to sign-out and use during my class? How do I go about signing it out?

We have wireless mics and wireless presenters available for sign out. To sign one out visit LC-27 (Main) or HS-002 (Downtown). If your class ends after 7:30pm on the Main campus they must be dropped off in the slot outside the door (LC-27), if your class is on the Downtown campus they can be returned the next day.

How can I connect my computer to the internet in a classroom?

If you would like to use the wired connection at the instructor station, you can connect using the supplied ethernet cable. You will have to register your computer the first time you connect in a new room. Set-up takes about five minutes, so plan accordingly.

If you would like to use the wireless connection, take a look at our guides. If you experience any difficulty, visit the helpdesk in LC-27(Main) or our office in HS-002(Downtown).

What if equipment breaks down immediately before or during a class?

If equipment breaks down immediately before class - Call us at 518-442-3647 (Main) or 442-5112 (Downtown) and state your problem.  We will send someone to assist you.  Certain rooms also allow for a help request to be sent from the touch panel.  We receive those in the form of an email and will respond just as quickly.

Am I able to show PowerPoint presentations?

Yes, PowerPoint presentations can be shown via user laptop or the computer in a technology classroom.

Can I load my own software onto the Smart and Technology classroom computers?

No, in order to have software loaded on the Smart and Technology classroom computers a software request form must be filled out.  This form is available here:

Are Macs compatible with the classroom technology?

Yes, however Macs need special adapters to connect to our VGA based system.  Mac frequently changes their video port connection type - the end of the adapter purchased should be to VGA. Contact us if you would like assistance in choosing the right adapter.

Are tablet computers compatible with the classroom technology?

While we cannot guarantee that your specific tablet will work, many will by connecting the tablet and your adapter to the VGA laptop input.

How can I access my files on a classroom computer?

You can access your files from a flash drive or other personal media, download them from your email, or S-drive.

Note: Our computers do not support the U3 filesystem found on some flash drives.