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  • Sharing Files in Your Wiki Space
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Once you have attached a file to a wiki page, you can share that file with others. Anyone with sufficient permissions (which can be set at the space level or the page level) can view the file and download it as needed.

A file attachment will inherit the permissions of the page to which it is attached.  This means that if you restrict access to your wiki space to a group of people, only those people will be able to access your file.  Also, if you further restrict access to a particular page in your wiki space, and a file is attached to that page, the file will then be subject to those additional restrictions.

Displaying a link to a file on your wiki page

You can share to an attachment directly from a wiki page. When a user clicks the link, the attachment will open, provided that the user has the software application needed to open the attachment.

Share a link to a file externally to your wiki

You can get a link to a file uploaded to your wiki.  This can be useful, for example, to send it out via email and provide someone a way to download the file without having to access the wiki directly. 

To do this will require your wiki space to be visible to unauthenticated ("anonymous") users and for the file to be attached to a page with no additional viewing restrictions added.  If both of these conditions are met, you can get the link to your file.

  1. Click ... > Attachments on the page where the file is attached.
  2. Right-click on the attachment for which you wish to link and choose Copy Link Location (or something similar, depending on which browser you are using).
  3. Paste that copied link address wherever you need it.

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.