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  • Share a Microsoft 365 Group Folder or File with an External User
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You can share files or folders in a Microsoft 365 Group with someone outside of the University. 

  1. Once you are notified that your Microsoft 365 Group has been created, in the email you receive with the subject "You've joined the GROUPNAME group" (where GROUPNAME is the name of your group), click the following link:
  2. This will open your Group's Documents folder in a web browser.  From here you can create or upload files and folders:
  3. You can share files or folders from here. 

    By default, Allow editing is turned on for sharing links. If you want people to only view your files, uncheck that check box.

  4. When you share content with an external user (someone without an email address), the external user will receive an email telling them they have had a folder shared with them:
  5. Once they click the Open link, that will open a web page where they can request a code to get access to the shared content:
  6. A code will be generated and sent to them.  They will then be asked to enter the code.  They should enter the code and click Verify:
  7. They will then have access to the shared content.