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To schedule your webinar, please do the following:

  1. Go to and click Sign In
  2. On the left, click Webinars
  3. Click Schedule a webinar
    • Topic: Enter the name of the webinar.
    • Description (Optional): Enter a description of the webinar if you wish. This is not required.
    • When: Enter the date and time and the duration of the webinar.
    • Registration: check the box if you want attendees to register for the webinar. You will be able to track how and who registered for the webinar.
    • Webinar Passcode: check the box to require webinar passcode for security.
    • Video: turn it on for both the host and panelists to allow the permission to turn their video on
    • Audio: both are on by default. We recommend this setting.
    • Q & A: is on by default with the settings to allow anonymous questions in Q&A and show only answered questions. You can adjust these settings. If you wish to know who is asking the question in the Q&A, you must adjust the setting so that anonymous questions are not allowed.
    • Enable Practice Session: check the box to allow you to practice with the panelists. We recommend that you always practice before your webinar.
    • Only authenticated users can join enable this setting if you want to restrict the webinar to UAlbany Users (only UAlbany users with email address) or Anyone with Zoom (any with a valid Zoom account). This will force attendees to log in to authenticate before they can join the meeting.
    • Automatically record webinar: set this only if you are concerned about forgetting to hit the record button during the webinar. Just keep in mind that if the practice session is enabled and all pre-webinar conversation will be included in the webinar. You will need to edit this out if you plan to share the recording after the webinar.
    • Alternative hosts: please add anyone with email address that you will like to be able to start the webinar in case you are unavailable.

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Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.