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  • Schedule a Message in AxisTV
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After you have created your message in AxisTV, you must schedule the message and assign it to a playlist in order for the message to play on your digital sign.


  1. By default, the pace for a message is set to Automatic, based on amount of text. You may change it to a specific pace by selecting the button and entering a number for seconds.
  2. Under Show Duration, select how long you wish the message to play on the digital sign.
  3. For Display Period, select when you wish the message to display. Click Select Periods to select a specific time period(s).
  4. Be sure to select a playlist to assign the message.
  5. Click Done at the top right of the window to schedule the message for play.
  6. To confirm that the message has been scheduled, click on the Schedule tab then select Content.
  7. You may edit the message, if necessary, by clicking on Edit.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.