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  • SAS Installation Instructions
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  1. Download and extract from here.
  2. Navigate to where you have extracted the files.
  3. Double-left-click on setup.exe.

    You need to have admin rights on the computer in which you are installing this software

  4. If a User Access Control screen pops up, click on the Yes button to accept.
  5. Select your preferred Language. Click the OK button.

  6. Verify that the Install SAS software option is selected. Click the Next button.

  7. Click the Next button.

  8. Click the Next button on the Select SAS Foundation Products.

  9. Verify that the correct Installation Data File has been selected by viewing the Expiration Date setting. If the wrong file or no files is selected, click on the Browse button and navigate to the correct file. Click the Next button. Note: This file might have been provided separately. It also is often located in the sid_files folder.

  10. Click the Next button on the Select Language Support window.

  11. Verify that the box to the left of Configure SAS Studio Basic is NOT checked. Click the Next button.

  12. SAS will proceed to the Checking System window. This will examine your system and determine whether or not SAS can be installed. Once finished, click the Next button.

  13. Click the Start button on the Deployment Summary window.  Note: The installation can take over an hour to complete. 

  14. When the installation is finished, the Deployment Complete window will appear. Click on the Next button.

  15. Verify that the Do Not Send option is selected. Click the Next button.

  16. If interested, view the links offered in the Additional Resources window. Click the Finish button.