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  • Restore Files or Folders on your U: Drive or V: Drive - Mac
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Follow these instructions to retrieve a previous version of a file/folder on your U: drive or V: drive. Versions of files/folders are made several times a day and are kept for 21 days.

How to recover a deleted file

1. Navigate to Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server.

2. Enter the complete path to the folder you wish to recover a file or folder from, then add ~snapshot to the end.

3. If you see the following window, enter your netid and password and click Connect.

4. You will see a Connecting to Server window:

5. Double click on the folder with the time stamp that is before the file or folder was corrupted, changed, or deleted.

 6. Copy the file or folder you want to recover to a location where you can easily retrieve it (e.g. your desktop).

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.