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Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Enable features to help ensure authentic student exam attempts and level the playing field for students taking online exams.  LockDown Browser prevents students from browsing the computer on which they are taking a test and Monitor records the student while they sit for an exam, creating a video record that can be reviewed by the instructor later, if flagged.


LockDown Browser

  • Desktop software installed on personal computer or iPad and in on-campus computer classrooms.
  • Prevent navigation away from the exam to access other information, applications, websites, messaging, or screen sharing apps.
  • Print and screen capture functions are temporarily disabled.
  • Copy and paste functions are temporarily disabled.
  • Right-click function is disabled.


  • Record students taking online tests using personal web camera.
  • Asynchronous availability anytime, anywhere - no scheduling needed.
  • Secure and private recording of students taking online exams.
  • Flag and reports behavior that could represent potential integrity violation.
  • Index thumbnail videos for cursory review of video for potential integrity violation.