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  • Request to Access Someone Else's Mailbox
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In the event that a University employee or student is no longer able to check his or her email due to termination, departure, or death, there may be a business reason to add an Out of Office message to that individual's mailbox so that normal business transactions are not interrupted.  There may also be a need to redirect/forward mail addressed to that individual, or to gain access to that individual's mailbox.

Requests for ITS to make any of these changes must be submitted in writing as per the protocol outlined here:

Access to Electronic Records Held in Accounts Subsequent to Termination, Departure or Death Protocol

The process of making such requests depends on the access requested and the situation involved.  See the following table:

 Request Out of Office added to mailboxRequest forwarding to 3rd PartyRequest 3rd party access to mailbox
Employee/Student Termination, Departure, or DeathSubmit form to University Counsel’s OfficeSubmit form to University Counsel’s Office Submit form to University Counsel’s Office 
Employee still employed by University but unavailableHave employee's direct supervisor request change from ITSSubmit form to University Counsel’s Office Submit form to University Counsel’s Office