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  • Request a Distribution Group in UAlbany Mail
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A distribution group is a group of two or more people that appears as its own item in the Global Address List (GAL).  A distribution group has its own email address, but it is not a mailbox.  When an email message is sent to a distribution group, it gets distributed to all members of that group.

The person that submits the request for the group creation is defined as the manager (contact person) for the group, and they are also listed as the first owner of the group.  Owners may use the Outlook Web App (OWA) to manage the membership, add and remove owners, and restrict who may send email to the group.

Only people, mailboxes and groups in the UAlbany Mail Address Book can be members of distribution groups.  If your list of email addresses contains anything other than addresses, you may consider a LISTSERV list instead.

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