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  • Reply All to a Distribution Group on Android v. 4.4.2 problem
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When using a Galaxy S5 device running Android version 4.4.2, there is a problem with replying to all recipients of a UAlbany Mail message. If a Distribution Group is the only recipient in the To: field of the email message, but all other recipients are included in the CC: or BCC: fields, the Reply To All option is not available.


You can successfully send a Reply To All email message with a Distribution Group as a recipient when using other mediums (i.e. Outlook, iPhone, Android (other than Galaxy S5 with Android version 4.4.2).

Examples of successful Reply to All messages with a Distribution group included as a recipient are shown below:

Using Outlook to Reply to All (all recipients are included in the To: field).

Using an Android device (other than Galaxy s5 with Android v 4.4.2) to Reply to All (recipients in the To: field and the Distribution Group is in the CC: field).

Using an iPhone to Reply to All with recipients in the To: field and other recipients and the Distribution Group included in the CC: field).