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  • Replacing Wiki Markup Macros with New Formatting Macros
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With the May 2013 upgrade of Wikis@UAlbany, the underlying format of how wiki pages are stored changed.  Most wiki pages were migrated successfully into the new format, however, some pages will have had wiki markup that could not be automatically converted. 


Wiki Markup Macros

In some cases, the code will show up when you edit a page within a Wiki Markup macro.


The code within that Wiki Markup macro will still render properly, but to update anything in that section will require manual editing of the contained markup code.  In order to convert this code to the newer format, it will be necessary to manually re-create the contained code.


To include a wiki page in another, you can use the Include Page macro.

  1. You can start this process two ways:
    1. Start typing {include.  You will see a pop-up offering suggestions.  Click Include Page from the pop-up.
    2. Or, click the Insert menu and choose Other Macros.
    3. Type "include" into the search box at the top right of the Select Macro window and then click on Include Page to choose that macro.
  2. This will open the Insert 'Include Page' Macro dialog box.  Start typing the name of the page you wish to include in the Page to include box.  You will be offered suggestions that match the text you type.
  3. Select the page you wish to include and click Insert.  This will create the macro in the new format on your page:






Unnecessary Column and Section Macros

Another example of old code that might need manual re-creation in the new format is when you see your content in Columns within Sections.  


Content is within Column macros within Section macros and is not visually intuitive. While this will still function and render properly when saved, it is not as intuitive to edit as the new Layout feature of Confluence.


Content is visually placed on the page by using the Layouts feature of Confluence.

  1. Choose a preset Layout for your page by clicking the Layouts button in the menu bar:
  2. Place your cursor in the appropriate section, outlined by the dashed borders, and type the content where you would like it to appear on the page.  You can also drag and drop content from one section to another.



Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.