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About Combined Blackboard Courses

When multiple course sections are combined into one Blackboard course, the combined Blackboard course is known as a parent course.  This occurs automatically for sections that are cross-listed through the Registrar and for sections that you opt to combine for the sake of convenience.  The latter are referred to as Merged or Shared Resource courses.  The parent course is a normal Blackboard course except that the enrollments of its child sections are all included in the parent course.  All of the courses involved exist on Blackboard but you only need to work in the parent course.  This is where the course content and activities need to be established that will be available to all students enrolled in its associated child courses.

Parents Rule!!


You should not you add your course materials or set up any course activities in a child course.  How to tell which is the parent course: the parent course title includes the name of the primary instructor in capital letters.  Here is an example of a combined Blackboard set:

  • CHILD 01 TITLE -- Winter 2013-AHIS275-Antisemitism in Hist Perspect-S0003
  • CHILD 02 TITLE -- Winter 2013-AJST275-Antisemitism in Hist Perspect-S0003


Due to recent changes in the software, links for ALL parent and child courses associated with combined Blackboard courses are displayed by default in the course list of the My Courses module on the My Blackboad landing page as well as in MyUAlbany.  This can make it unclear which course to use.  Please note that this DOES NOT impact students.  Students will see only one link to their course listed as the title of the course section in which they enrolled.

Solution for Course List on My Blackboard:

Edit the course list for the My Courses module so that only the parent course is displayed. 

How to:

  1. Log in to Blackboard at
  2. On the My Institution landing page, find the My Courses module and Edit Module Settings.

  3. Deselect the child sections.  The course that you need to access is the one which title contains your last name in capitals.  This is the "parent" course of your set of combined sections.

  4. Scroll down and click Submit.  You will see the course list changes in the My Courses module.

No Solution for MyUAlbany


Currently there is no way of removing child course links from the MyUAlbany Blackboard module.