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If you are experiencing difficulty using RedDot, consult this list for answers and solutions to the most common RedDot questions:

1. Why can't I log in to the RedDot system?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • Do you have Editor access to RedDot? If not, request an account.
  • What User Name are you entering? The RedDot username is your NetID.
  • Are you entering the correct password? Your RedDot password is the same as your NetID password.  The password is case sensitive; make sure your Caps Lock key is off when you type the password.
  • Is Javascript turned on for your computer? Check your Internet Explorer browser's scripting setting.
  • What error message appears when you attempt to login to RedDot? You will need to report the exact message if you contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance.

2. Why can't I open the page I want to edit?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • The page may be locked up by another user. A red dot with a slash through it indicates that another user has the page open and is actively working on it, or has not released the page upon completing the work. Let the cursor hover over the red dot and the ID of the person who has the page locked will display. Contact your office colleagues who use RedDot to find who may be using the page you want to edit.
  • If there is no RedDot whatsoever on the page, or on the section you want to edit, this means that you don't have permission to edit that page/section. Contact the website owner and request permission to edit the page.

3. I made changes, saved my work and published the page. Why don't my changes show up on the live site?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • When viewing the live site, make sure that you have refreshed the page in your browser. You want to view the most current page and not an older version stored in the browser's cache.
  • Confirm that you have released or submitted the page to work flow in RedDot before publishing. If you failed to release the page before publishing, RedDot will still successfully publish the old page and you will get a successful confirmation e-mail.

4. Why am I getting weird characters on my web site?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • Weird or unintended characters are caused by bringing in text from another application (i.e. MS Word). If you used the "Paste Formatted" function, MS Word will attempt to bring in everything formatted. Often quotation marks, question marks and other punctuation are improperly translated when the page is published. The page usually looks fine in the RedDot version. Only upon publishing do the weird characters show. The better editing option is to use the "Paste Unformatted" function and then go back and re-apply any desired styling (bolding, italics, etc.). However, to fix a page that is already "broken", you can re-open the page in the RedDot text editor, delete the weird characters and re-type the desired characters. Then save, release and re-publish the page as usual.

5. Why is my web page too wide? It extends beyond the top UAlbany banner.

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • You may have used a long URL in your text. Web browsers do not wrap long URLs, but rather keep the entire length intact. This will push the page to the right if necessary. The solution is to use a short name for the linked text while retaining the full linked-to URL behind the link.
  • Tables can push a page beyond the normally defined width of a page. This can commonly happen if a table (or any of its components) is defined in fixed pixels. It is better to make table definitions as percentages.

6. I have successfully edited the text and links on a RedDot page. How do I paste an image into my page?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • You shouldn't paste an image directly into the RedDot text editor. Instead, use the button for "Insert/Edit Image." It's the last button on the right, on the bottom row in the text editor. After clicking 'Insert/Edit image' button, you'll be presented with two choices. You can select the image from your local file system (Your PC or LAN drive). If it has already been brought into RedDot and used on other pages, choose "select image from server."

7. My content has double spacing. How do I single space instead?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • Double spacing results when Enter is pressed at the end of a line while in the RedDot editor. To create single line spacing, hold the Shift key down when you press Enter.

8. When I open the content area on a page, it stops me with a screen and one option is to open a text editor. When I do this, the content has HTML in it. Why?

Possible cause and/or action needed:

  • You may have been using an unsupported browser such as Firefox, which can introduce insidious errors. You must use Internet Explorer 6.x or 7.x when you are completing RedDot editing.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer 8.x, you may also get these kinds of errors. One way you may be able to work around this situation is to click on the compatibility button near the top of the browswer window. However, be sure you are logged OFF of RedDot when you click the button. Then log back in.

When you finish a RedDot session, always 'Logout' before closing your browser.