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  • Recover files from temporary folders manually
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Sometimes, files saved to temporary locations (often from e-mail attachments or web pages) will not be obviously accessible to users trying to access them. Searching through the temporary folders in the user

  1. Click to open the Start Menu
  2. Type "Run" into the Search bar and select Run
  3. Type "%temp%" into the dialog box and press Enter
  4. The command will automatically open up the user's Temporary Files folder
    There is another method, navigating to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp
  5. Once in the Temp directory, type part of the file name or type (e.g. .docx) into the search field. If the file is available, it should appear in the results.
    Image illustrating a sample of a Windows user's Temp folder's contents (random selection of files)