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  • Publishing and Secure Sharing in Ensemble
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To publish content from Ensemble, follow the steps below.

You are responsible for controlling access to video/audio content that you upload to your Media Library.

You must publish your video/audio content in order for students to be able to view it. 

To contribute to compliance with copyright law, we recommend that you publish your Ensemble Video content so that it is accessible only through Blackboard and cannot be downloaded and saved.

Publishing Instructions

Security Instructions

Follow these steps to set security permitting access only through the

One Piece of Media

  • While in the Add/Edit Wizard's publishing form.
  • Click the plus next to security
  • Select Restrict to a Web Address
  • Enter
  • Click Save
  • Click Publish


  • Click the Playlists tab in the navigation pane to get started
  • Locate the playlist that you’d like to restrict, and click Access Control
  • Click the +Add button to make a new Access Control entry
  • Select Restrict Viewing to a Web Address
  • Enter ""
  • Click Save

Additional Information

Publishing and Sharing

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.