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  • Provision a Course in Blackboard and Set up Your Panopto Video Account
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Set up your account!

Your account for the Panopto Video service will be auto-created when you provision a course in Blackboard. Your account username and password will be exactly the same as your UAlbany NetID and Password.  The system is linked to UAlbany IT accounts.  When your account has been created, you will be able to begin using Panopto in Blackboard courses.


How to Provision a Course in Blackboard

  1. Login to Blackboard

    You access the University at Albany Sign On page.

  2. Enter your NetID and Password and click Sign in

  3. Select a course from the My Courses

  4. Add The Panopto Course Tool Application

    • From the course hover over the Add Menu Item icon and select Tool Link
    • Select Panopto Course Tool Application from the drop down and add a name

      Note: Do not make this available to users until you are ready.
    • Click Submit
  5. Setup your course in Panopto - Creates a Panopto folder connected to your course. Any media in this folder is viewable by students in your course.

    • From the course menu select Panopto Course Tool Application
    • Click Configure

    • Click Add Course to Panopto

    • Provisioning results

    • Select Configure more folders to set up access to additional Panopto content or Return to course to get started using Panopto.

      Configuring more folders provides users access to all media in the folder.
  6. Your Panopto account has been set up and access to your content is available the Panopto Course Tool Application.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.