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  • Printer - Add a network printer to Windows by print queue
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To connect to a networked printer using its print queue on a Windows computer, follow the steps below.

These instructions describe connecting to printers via a print server. If the printer is not hosted through a print server, these instructions do not apply. See Printer - Add a network printer to Windows by IP or hostname instead.


  1. Confirm with the manager of your print queue that you a member of the group that has permission to use the printer

  2. Click on the Windows menu icon

    Windows menu icon

  3. Locate the “Windows System” folder and left click on it, then click on “Control Panel”
    Screenshot of the Start menu highlighting the Windows System folder and the Control Panel item

  4. Click on “Devices and Printers”
    Screenshot of the Devices and Printers item

  5. Click on “Add a printer”

  6. Click on “The printer that I want wasn’t listed”

  7. Click the radio button next to “Select a shared printer by name” and enter \\print-prt-p101\PRINTER_NAME (replacing PRINTER_NAME with the name of the printer queue)
    Screenshot showing entering the printer queue name

  8. Click the “Next” button to begin the installation of the printer.
    Screenshot of the Next button

You can select which printer you want for your default/automatic printer in the Settings app.

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