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About Perusall

Perusall is a free collaborative reading and annotation tool created by Harvard University that turns solitary reading assignments into engaging collective learning activities. With Perusall, faculty can assign readings, either through online textbooks, articles, or PDFs. Students are encouraged to annotate thoughtfully by creating comments that deeply engage points in the passage, promoting discussions, offering informative questions or comments, and helping others by addressing their questions or confusion.  If you utilize your materials, or if you use Perusall's Open Educational Resources (OER), you can use this resource for no cost with your students.

Blackboard Integration

Adding Perusall to your Blackboard Course:

  1. Navigate in Blackboard to the place you’d like students to access Perusall.
  2. Click Build Content > Web Link.
  3. Use this as the URL:
  4. You MUST check off the box for “This link is to a Tool Provider.”
  5. Name the link Perusall
  6. If you wish to grade the annotations, choose “Yes” for “Enable Evaluation,” but you will have to create a new link for each assignment in Perusall.
  7. Click Submit – this link will take you and your students to Perusall.
  8. Add documents/videos in Perusall and build Assignments in Perusall.

    Note: For each reading assignment you create in Perusall, create a corresponding Web Link in Blackboard. These assignment-specific Web Links should have the same URL and “This is a Tool Provider” and “Enable Evaluation” should both be checked.


  • Single Sign-on – for instructors and students
  • Content Linking - Link to Perusall and content areas from within your Blackboard course
  • Grade Sync- Transfer grades with ease from Perusall to the Blackboard Grade Center
  • Keep Cost Down – Use Open Educational Resources (OERs), PDFs and Articles


For Instructors:

  • Ensures that students come to class prepared and have read the material thoroughly
  • Provides analytics that allows the instructor to identify misconceptions and difficult concepts
  • Allows the instructor to organize lectures/discussions more efficiently around students' prior engagement with the reading
  • Includes auto-scoring feature to save time on grading

For Students:

  • Provides a space for students to share questions, confusion, and knowledge
  • Fosters meaningful interactions to support more in-depth discussion and comprehension
  • Fosters collaboration and promotes a sense of community
  • Offers an alternate mode of contributing to classroom discourse


For Instructors and Students

Contact:  Support or access hyperlink:

UAlbany Faculty User Group