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  • Login to the server with Putty.
  • From the home directory, run the startweb command. This will create a sub-directory called public_html of the UNIX account, where your web pages will be stored.
  • In the public_html directory, load all of the files that are to appear on the website. These will include HTML, image and other files. You can load your files using your S drive or FileZilla.
  • Once the files have been loaded to the site, run the command setweb from the home directory. This sets the correct permissions on the files that were loaded to the site so they are visible.

    If a default home page is to be used, it needs to be named index.html. To reference all other pages, put the filename at the end of the address. Remember, anytime you add or create new pages in your public_html directory, you must remember to setweb your files.