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This page collects common instructions for Panopto to help you get started.

What happened to my videos/playlists in Ensemble?

  • ITS facilitated copying of videos/playlists currently stored in Ensemble to the Panopto system.
  • Ensemble videos have been copied into the Ensemble Migrations sub-folder in your My Folder areas in Panopto.

  • Media uploaded to Ensemble after 9/22 was not moved to Panopto.

What happened to my Ensemble videos in Blackboard?

  • Ensemble videos linked in Blackboard are still available wherever you've linked them in the Content Areas of your course.

Why can't I log in to Panopto Video?

UAlbany's Panopto service is provided to teaching faculty for instructional video streaming.  To begin using Panopto, please login to Blackboard and provision a course.  If you believe that you meet this criteria, or are an instructor-of-record for a course section, but cannot log in to Panopto, please call the ITS Service Desk at 518-442-3700 or submit an online Service Desk request.

Why can't I upload videos to Panopto?

To enable video upload, provision a course in Blackboard.  Once complete, you are able to upload media to Panopto.

Why aren't all course videos in the Panopto Course Tool Application after provisioning my course?

When you add the Panopto Course Tool Application to your Blackboard course a Course Folder is created. This folder does not automatically include media migrated from Ensemble.  Ensemble videos have been copied into the Ensemble Migrations sub-folder in your My Folder area in Panopto.  You are able to move media into the Course Folder, if necessary. 

How do I log in to the Panopto web portal?

There are times when you want to use more advanced features of Panopto, and must login to the Panopto web portal.  To log in to the web portal, select the Panopto Course Tool Application from your course menu and click the Open in Panopto icon. 

Do students have Panopto accounts?

Yes, students have viewer accounts which are set up automatically when they first access media from inside a Blackboard course.

  • Students do not have the ability to create any media at this time.

What are the technical requirements to use Panopto Video?

What video formats can be uploaded to Panopto Video?

Panopto supports most commons audio and video content types.

How long will my files remain in my Panopto?

To manage the cost of storage and usage, Panopto files will be archived based on age using the following criteria:

  • Files lat viewed 13 months ago will be archived automatically.

How can I download/archive/restore my files?

Panopto has the ability to save your media several ways. 

Can other people access my media?

Only you have direct access to your media.  However, media files and access can be shared in many ways. 

How do I secure access to Panopto videos?

You are in control of how you share your videos and there are many different security and sharing options.

How can I add closed captions to my videos?

By default all videos uploaded to Panopto have machine generated captions, optical character recognition and slide ingestion. 

Other features for managing captions in Panopto:

Can my students download videos?

You are in control over whether or not to allow downloading your videos.

Can students submit quizzes using Panopto?

Yes.  Panopto has the ability to create video quizzes that overlay an uploaded video.  Grade book integration with Blackboard, is not available at this time.

Can students submit video assignments using Panopto Video?

No.  At this time students do not have the ability to create or upload video content on Panopto.

ITLAL usually handles my video needs.  Will they still help me?

Yes.  ITLAL is still providing media conversion services

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.