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Files that you store in OneDrive for Business are visible only to you unless you take action to share files or folders.

Departmental Sharing

Since OneDrive for Business is a personal drive, it should not be used as a replacement for departmental folders (V: drive folders).


Storage of University Documents

If you have files containing regulated or sensitive personal information, the most appropriate places to save such files are in your departmental folders (V: drive) in your divisional file space or in your home folder (U: drive).  Please see this chart for storage requirements covering various protected data types.

There are several variations on sharing in OneDrive for Business:

After sharing a file or folder, you may wish to stop sharing it at some point:

You may want to find the files that are shared with you.

You may want to follow documents so that you are updated when someone else makes a change.

You may want to edit a document concurrently with one or more other people.

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