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The mission of Research IT is to develop core services in support of research, including high-performance computing for grant seeking and funded researchers. A major objective of Research IT is to provide IT consultation to faculty in the grant development process. The Research group works closely with each of the other ITS units, and with school and departmental-based research IT staff, to fulfill its mission.

Please contact us if you are an active grant-seeking or funded researcher and would like to explore options to fulfill the IT requirements of your

RIT Lifecycle Services

Early in the process, pre-grant

  • Serve as a resource during grant discovery
  • Provide IT consulting
  • Assist in IT impact assessment
  • Oversee integration into existing infrastructure
  • Explore cost reduction and/or increased functionality through synergy
  • Serve as external IT interface coordination resource
  • Administer internal research IT grants for discovery assistance

Facilities setup and configuration

  • Manage the coordination of IT resources
  • Assist in software acquisition, licensing, porting, integration
  • Serve as IT interface to physical renovations
  • Administer hiring and/or training of IT cognizant individuals
  • Facilitate establishment of collaborative interfaces
  • Provide system setup, integration and testing

Production environment

  • Full service systems management
  • Ongoing software consulting, porting
  • Integration and collaboration support
  • IT human resource management
  • Administer regular IT re-assessment and adjustment


  • Re-application of human resources
  • Sunset systems, software, IT infrastructure
  • Post-grant support evaluation
  • Recycling of central research IT resources into discovery of other grants