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Office Upgrade (Module C)

This module is for Office Upgrade sessions.

Workshop C03 Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Upgrade - 1 1/2 Hours

This workshop addresses new features, look, and improvements found in the Office 2007/2010 suite of applications.  We will cover the demise of the Task Pane, Menus and traditional Toolbars and discuss the change to the Office Button and Ribbons.  We will also visit each program and note major differences.  The overall look of the Office applications had changed dramatically and we strongly recommend that you take this seminar before or shortly after upgrading.


No more Task Pane, Menus or Toolbars

Office Button (or File Tab in 2010) & Ribbons

The X format and compatibility issues

Individual Program Information (Per request)

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For additional information or to schedule a course, please email Tom Bessette or call (518)442-3710.