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  • Office - Repair Microsoft Office on Windows
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To resolve some issues in Microsoft Office, you can run a repair operation to check that needed program files are correctly installed and referenced in Windows.


  1. Close all Office programs (Word, Outlook, etc.)
  2. In the Start menu, open Settings
  3. Click Apps
  4. Click Microsoft Office and click Modify (there will be more to the name, but it varies)  
    • This may be listed as Microsoft Office 20##, Microsoft Office ProPlus, or Microsoft 365 Apps
  5. Accept the permission prompt
  6. Choose to Repair Office and click Continue
    • The repair will take several minutes.
    • For Office 365/Microsoft 365 editions of Office, there are both Quick and Online repair choices, with Online being more thorough. We recommend trying Quick first, then Online if still needed.
  7. Once the repair completes, restart your computer
  8. Test to see if the issue is resolved or not

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