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This web software is intended for University at Albany faculty/staff needing access to the NolijWeb Document Imaging System

**  Please refer to current AskIT documentation:  Nolij Web Help


 Nolij Web 6.7 (our current version) has moved to Limited Support Phase (LSP) effective as of 4/1/2015.   6.8 the next and last available version moves to limited support as of July 1 2016.

This means:- We will support usage not enhancement   - No patches, no bug fixes- Customers must upgrade to 6.8 in order to keep up with dependencies such as Oracle 12, Tomcat 8 & 9 and Java

Because the developers of Firefox and Chrome have disabled the Java API, the only current browser in which Java will now work with Nolij Web is Internet Explorer.

Verify that Java is working while logged in to use Nolij in Internet Explorer:  While logged in to use Nolij in Internet Explorer, see if there is a “lego” (for lack of better description) in the top right hand corner of the browser.   

If it is RED click on it and set the JAVA settings to “Allow and remember”.

 Login Page for NolijWeb

NolijWeb 6.7 - New Look and Feel Helper Document

Perceptive Software's NolijWeb Help Site (NolijWeb Overview)

Perceptive Software's NolijWeb Support Site (Ticket Reporting) 


Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.