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For most employees, access to the University at Albany's online services is now a prerequisite for carrying out their job responsibilities.

ITS is unable to generate individual IT accounts and access prior to a record being placed with Human Resources.

Expedited IT Access Procedure:

Departments often find it desirable to provide a new employee with e-mail access or other online services prior to their official start date. In such cases, the department has all of the basic information about the new employee but the appointment packet may not have made it through all regular channels. Human Resources (HR) and Sponsored Funds will accept an abbreviated HRM-2 or RF Employee Appointment form provided it is signed by the Department Head/Principal Investigator and accompanied by a cover page indicating that it is solely for the purpose of generating electronic identifiers that will be used to access the appropriate online resources. The form must include, at minimum, the person's full name, home address, date of birth, SSN, title, department and effective date of hire.

The Office of Human Resources will make every effort to accommodate new employees and departmental needs, but recommend that paperwork be submitted at least two weeks in advance to allow sufficient time to guarantee processing.

The abbreviated procedure is only for access to IT services. It does not preclude the department's responsibility to submit a full appointment packet and complete the appointment process, which will trigger the addition of new employees to the payroll system.

Standard HRM-2/RF Appointment Process:

The process begins with submitting the appropriate appointment paperwork to either Human Resources or Sponsored Funds (an HRM-2 or Research Foundation (RF) Employee Appointment form, respectively). The HRM-2 is used for all non-RF appointments (including, for example UAF appointments and volunteers). The individual's information submitted is then entered into the HR portion of the campus Integrated Administrative System (IAS) which is used as the system-of-record for establishing IT accounts. Once entered into IAS, a unique AlbanyID, PIN and NetID are generated for each individual.

The turn-around time for entry of data and generation of these identifiers will depend on the time of year. It is recommended that paperwork submission to the HR offices occur at least two weeks prior to the new employee's start date.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Human Resources for more information

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