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ITS Network Equipment Standards


The University at Albany supports an Enterprise network comprised of 10Gigabit/1Gigabit/100 Megabit and 10 Megabit switched Ethernet connections utilizing category 6 twisted pair cable, single and multimode fiber. The backbone is 10Gigabit/1 Gigabit for building access. 1Gigabit switched Ethernet serves each floor. 10/100 Megabit serves each data jack. The University at Albany has standardized on Cisco equipment.

Wireless Access Points

The University at Albany support wireless standards 802.11a/bg/n. The University at Albany has standardized on Cisco wireless equipment.

VPN Access

Certain UAlbany IT resources are only available from external networks via the University's VPN portal. For information on the currently supported VPN solution, see VPN GlobalProtect Service.

Revised: July 2019