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MyUAlbany Portal

About Scheduled Maintenance for MyUAlbany

View Systems Status and Scheduled Maintenance schedule to determine if there are any interruptions with the service. 

Troubleshooting access to MyUAlbany:

    • Are you entering the correct NetID?   Don't confuse NetID with your AlbanyID (9-digit number).

    • Are you typing your password correctly?   Passwords are case sensitive.  Ensure that CapsLock key is not on and you are typing the password exactly as you created it. 

    • Are you using a bookmark or favorite to find the MyUAlbany portal?  Always go to to 'Log On' to MyUAlbany.

    • If you still cannot log on to the portal, reset your password.

Browser Issues

    • The browser must have cookies enabled (or at least accept cookies from domain) to successfully log on to MyUAlbany.
    • The language preference in the browser must be set to English.
    • Confirm that the computer's date, time and time zone settings are correct for your location.
    • Clear the temporary internet files/cache and cookies from the browser. Then close and relaunch the browser before attempting the log on process again.
    • If you still cannot log on or experience issues when using the portal, your browser version may be outdated or not compatible with the portal.

Firewall Issues

    • At a work location, your company's network security may block your access to MyUAlbany. Contact the network administrator at your company for assistance.
    • At home, a personal firewall or security program installed on the computer may block your access to MyUAlbany (i.e. AOL Security Center, Norton Internet Security, McAfee Security Center, Black Ice, Zone Alarm).  Consult the vendor for assistance.