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  • Move Files from your Mac to a Network Drive
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To move files and folders from being stored on your Mac's hard drive to a network drive, follow the steps below.


In order to move files from your Mac to your network drive - either your personal Home Folder (U: Drive) or Divisional Folder (V: Drive) - you will first need be sure you have your network drive mapped.

  1. Open Finder and find the location(s) where you store your files that you intend to move to your network drive.
    1. Consider all of the locations you may have files, including DocumentsDesktopDownloads, etc.
  2. From one location at a time, select all of the files and folders from your local hard drive clicking on them or by typing cmd-a (hold down the command key and then type 'a').
  3. Type cmd-x (hold down the command key and then type 'x') to cut all of the files and folders.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate network drive folder in Finder.
  5. Type cmd-v (hold down the command key and then type 'v') to paste the contents you cut earlier into your network drive folder.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.