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Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff should not perform this installation on a University computer without first consulting the Technology Coordinator who supports the computer.

What does the license provide?

UAlbany faculty, staff and students are entitled to a subscription license for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly called Office 365 ProPlus) at no charge.

  • You may install Office 365 on up to 15 devices in total:  5 installations on Windows (Windows 8.1, or 10) and Mac (macOS/X 10.10 or later) devices, 5 installations on smart phones, and 5 on tablet devices.  You may deactivate the license for workstations where you have already installed the software to free up licenses, if needed.  
  • It is a subscription license that begins as soon as your UAlbany Mail account is created and ends when your UAlbany Mail account expires. Instances of Office 365 installed on your computers will go into reduced functionality mode after that point.  (You can open and view existing files, but most features are unavailable.)
  • The apps get installed on your computer and are available even when your computer is offline.  They check in with the licensing server when your computer is online. Your computer must be online at least once every 30 days or the apps will go into reduced functionality mode until the license subscription can be verified online again.

This license includes:

Microsoft Office 365 Accessibility Resources

Microsoft Office 365 Training Resources

Need more help? Submit an ITS Service Desk Request.