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Blackboard 9.1 Email and Messaging Tools


The Email tool allows you to send external email to the email address associated with people in your Blackboard 9.1 course without launching an external email client, such as Gmail or Yahoo.  A copy of this email is sent to the sender by default.  Blackboard 9.1 keeps no record of sent or received emails.  All replies will be managed via the external email client as a normal email message.  

The Messages tool allows you to send text-based communication internally to other people in your Blackboard 9.1 course.  No email address is associated with messages. You must be logged in to the course to send and read messages.

Lack of Notifier for New Messages


In Bb 9.1, there is no notification icon alerting users that they have new messages in their inbox nor can users receive notification in their external email.  This is a significant change from Bb 8.

In Bb 8, users would be alerted to new Mail (as the tool was called) by the appearance of a green asterisk icon, seen below.


To find new Messages in Bb 9.1 users need to use the Messages tool (if it has been made available by the instructor).

To send external email to other course members, users need to use the Email tool (if it has been made available by the instructor).

About your email address

You account created in Blackboard includes an email address to be associated with your account.  By default, the email address that was assigned to your Bb 9.1 account was, for students, the UAlbany email address (like "") and, for faculty/staff, the preferred email address as designated by you in MyUAlbany.

You are able to edit personal information for your Blackboard account.

Click My Places at the top of the screen.  

Click Personal Information

Click Edit Personal Information   

Update your email address.

Click Submit.