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  • Merge Enrollments in your Blackboard Courses
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If you teach multiple sections of the same course you might wish to merge the rosters of those courses into one master Blackboard course. Merging the rosters would allow you to manage the content, course management, and communications tasks for all merged sections in one central location - the Parent Course.  This has also been referred to as Shared Resource courses.


Be careful when submitting a request to merge enrollments.

Some courses are combined automatically by the Registrar so you should not attempt to recombine with other courses.  Check Blackboard first - if courses are merged, there will be an indication in the My Courses module in Blackboard.

If you want to merge courses that are already combined with other courses, please submit a service request via the ITS Service Desk.

To undo course merge requires all of the Blackboard courses involved in the merge to be deleted and re-created.  This can cause delays and difficulties with restoring your course materials.

To merge enrollments of your Blackboard courses:

  1. Log in to MyUAlbany;
  2. Click the Academic Services and Advising tab;
  3. Click the Merge Blackboard Courses link listed on the left-hand menu;
  4. Select the semester to view your courses;

    Select Term menu in IAS
  5. Select the courses for which you want to merge enrollments

    Choose sections to merge menu, with additional information, in IAS
  6. Click OK to confirm the courses you've selected to merge;

    Confirmation of what sections will be merged
  7. Click the Done button to complete the process;

    Choose sections to merge menu, with additional information, in IAS

    A confirmation message will be displayed that summarizes your request.

    Confirmation of sections that have been merged

Course Merge Processing

Enrollment merge requests will be processed no earlier than one hour after your submission.  It may take up to five hours for the merge to be completed.

Need more help? Contact the ITS Service Desk.